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I am a old Bmw & Moto Guzzi rider. Eventually the service manager came on the line and said that they can do a throttle body sync but have never heard of a starter valve sync. The throttle bodies on the donor engine are woefully out of sync. The Yamaha maintenance manual states that you have to drain engine coolant, remove throttle bodies, intake manifold assemblies, thermostat inlet hoses etc. The ability to Watch Homemade throttle body sync tool 15$(teaser) - video dailymotion - Short Startup on dailymotion 4 BBL THROTTLE BODY FUEL INJECTION MASTER KIT 550-405K 950 CFM Polished Aluminum Throttle Body + Complete Fuel System 550-406K 950 CFM Hard Core Gray™ Throttle Body + Complete Fuel System FUEL INJECTION INSTALLATION MANUAL Read this manual before using this product.

Superior resolution to dial type gauges; Easily read scale Just surfing the net and found the $1. This buzzing usually comes from the Electronic Throttle Body's actuator motor. It's covered with yellow anti tamperproof paint. This is similar to the R1100/1150 series, except for the idle sync on the 1100/1150 which is different.

Call 816-392-4041 to purchase or get additonal information. 55 carb sync tool and then a blog on how great this type of cheap vac sync tool workshmmm, anyone use one like this before? The first article is okay. Genuine German manufactured syncrometer tool. When I was doing the sync I lost track of the air bleed screw turns on the #1 body.

. So just sync 1&3, 2&3, 4&3. I got this tool to sync the throttle bodies on my girlfriends FJ-09. Remove the VACUUM hose from each throttle body.

I called the local dealer to inquire about getting the starter valves sync'd and they didn't know what I was talking about. Free Shipping by Amazon. You will see it screws thru the body on to the linkage. Use an exhaust collector or ventilation fan to remove exhaust fumes whenever possible.

Find the Tecmate Carbmate Throttle Body Synchronizer - TS-110 at Dennis Kirk. You had to do it twice. posted Feb 24th, idles erratically and feels down on power. Even if you don’t have a bidirectional scan tool capable of performing the procedure, it’s still a good idea to own a scan tool capable of reading live data.

The assembled electronics kit is available from dimensionbx. Utilize a fan to cool the engine when the engine is Do you have stock carbs? and do you have the sync tool? To use the sync tool, (first take the filters or airbox of) tighten the throttle cable untill it starts idleing a little high then put the adapters on the sync tool put the tool up to the back of the carbs and look at the needle adjust the cables on top of the carbs until the needle is the same on both of them then let it idle and measure R1100/1150 throttle bodies. Now the the car runs great, but when I come to a stop the car dies, says engine power reduced, and shuts off. I can pick up and drop off, and I'm sure a case of your favorite beer could find its way onto your porch The sync.

Oh, and don't forget to reset the idle after the sync. Found this on the web. Subject: Re: Throttle Body balancing Thu May 29, 2014 11:08 am OK - a bump for the maintenance-challenged, such as myself. I have not yet been able to find where to purchase one of these gadgets.

Do the adjustment with air bleeds screwed all the way in so you're adjusting mechanical balance only. The "User Tool" that I use for body sync on my efi BMW is a TwinMax. but the second is quite detailed with actual use of the meter. What it does off idle should/appears to be controlled by the linkage throttle You should also adjust the valves and clean the air filter before modifying the setup of the throttle body.

One tool is called a Uni-sync (or similar), and the other is the “Snail Gauge” or “SK Tool“. Here are some hints on what to look for: The throttle body is located between the air cleaner and the intake manifold of the engine. manual. 4) Start the bike, you will have an FI error, its ok, let the bike warm up.

I don't know what the BEST one is, but I used this one at first. com. Throttle body sync is overrated. • Sync throttle bodies #1 & #2 to throttle bodies #3 & #4 at 4200 rpm by adjusting the butterfly sync screw between throttle bodies #2 and #3.

Alright so here it is, how to sync your throttle bodies without forking out a ton of money at the stealership. I found a synchronizer to borrow so I used that. I have realised , I need to sync my throttle bodies after looking at haynes. you set the balance, set the idle speed with the air bleeds then set the idle mixture using a diagnostic tool of some sort.

11. I think Yamaha went over board on the throttle body sync and the plug replacement. The hardest part it is finding the right size tubing/adapters to connect to the throttle bodies. Comes with all the hoses, fittings and a soft pouch.

900m has a screw between the throttle bodies for balance adjustment. If a breather hose cracks or fails, the air leak can cause a rough idle or engine stalling. I checked with the dealership and some website and there is no way anyone will pay those prices for an occassional 97 tl1000 throttle body sync, balance throttle bodies tl1000r, balancing throttle bodies tl1000s, how many turns to sync throttle bodies on a 99 r6, suzuki tl1000 balancing throttle bodies, suzuki tl1000s balancing throtle, throttle balance srad, throttle body sync tl1000r, tl1000r how to sync the throttle bodys, tl1000r throttle body sync, why Iirc on the 999 it's on the lhs of the rear throttle body. Suspecting that the throttle bodies were out of sync again, I decided to synchronise them again.

The tool works perfectly. Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Ga2wheel, Oct 24, 2018. This is a discussion on Throttle body synch within the Z1K/Z750 Maintenance forums, part of the Kawasaki Z1000, Ninja 1000, Z800, Z750 & Z-750S category; Well a freind of mine was gonna help me with this on the weekend but I was reading up in the manual and it says The service manual specifies that each cylinder is to be synced to cylinder #3. Shop our complete selection of Cruiser Motorcycle parts and accessories including the Tecmate Carbmate Throttle Body Synchronizer - TS-110.

PRO-RACE SR20 throttle body set t/bore 52/50/48. It displays vacuum levels for 2 to 4 cylinders, RPM's from 800-4000, and the battery level of the TBS device. I'm confused. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes.

Can someone with a service manual please verify which one to adjust using "sitting on the bike" orientation? I adjusted my right side. Throttle Body Sync attach carb stix to each throttle body, RS,RT = 1 1/2 and R,GS = 2 turns out, start bike, adjust brass screws to balance mercury at idle, check balance at 3500 rpm and adjust throttle cable on right side TB by loosening 10mm locknut and turning cable adjuster, The tool should now fit in one of the carbs. (I do this so I sync the running carbs and not the idle carbs). I don Hi Guys,,I used the mercury type sync tool,,but in california u cant get the mercury,,,Whats a good throttle body sync tool that doesnt use mercury,,,Thanx Gary I used the search for throttle body sync-ing.

First, do a check of valve clearances; adjust to spec if needed. Some examples of reasons to perform a TBA: The vehicle's battery has been disconnected and re-connected Purchased this unit to do the Throttle Valve Sync (TVS) maintenance procedure on the DL650A VStrom 650. Friday/Saturday/Sunday works best but whatever works. That being the case, it's important to keep them all working in concert, and one of the ways you do that is by synchronizing the carburetors with a carb sync tool so that each cylinder is always at the same rpm as its neighbors for a given throttle opening.

Do not have Sync. Remove the hose going from the Throttle body to the pressure regulator (#5). Followers 0. You are trying for the same number reading on the tool for each of the carbs, moving the tool back and forth as adjusting, and it is adjusted with the linkages.

I have the T's and vacum lines. Sounds like time to sync up your throttle bodies. Throttle body valves are controlled manually via the throttle control (the twisty grip) and must be sync'd to one another just like they are on carbs, the principles are exactly the same. Always use this tool in a well-ventilated area with plenty of fresh air.

Just completed throttle body sync on my 2008 zzr 1400. Comes with instructions. The bike runs better now. The Carbtune allows you to view 4 of the TBs at the same time which I think is a big bonus in doing this maintenance "Vacuum Gauge" ~ 57001-1369 See your dealer for prices.

Utilize a fan to cool the engine when the engine is manual. My gixxer is a bit rough around tick over and the pick up off idle to say about 2500 rpm is fluffy, I'm doing an 8K service soon so new plugs, filter etc going in but it feels like throttle bodies needed balancing too (possibly never been done looking at the service history). my Beloved Blue Oil Burner. Also, instead of vacuum gauges, I googled "cheap throttle body sync tool" and found people doing it with like 8ft of rubber hose and hydraulic fluid.

This shows you all you need to know to do a throttle body sync (TBS) on your fuel injected bike. Does anyone know which body is the master . Park your vehicle outside in a well-lighted, level area. Kit includes 2 x direct fit tapered bore throttle bodies 52/50/48, fuel rail and mountings, linkage, 4 x ram tubes and bases * note - injectors, fuel rail fittings and tps not included in kit price but can be supplied on request In the ride test on motorcycle carburetor synchronizers carbtune scored highest and was only tool to be remended see review 1 jpg digital carb sync kits are easy to build bluetooth android wireless throttle body sync tool 4 cylinder modelDigital Carb Sync Build A PortableDigital Carb Sync Build A PortableThe Tools ThreadDigital Carb Sync Build […] I cleaned out my throttle body about a week ago on my 2005 chevy cobalt.

Also my r6 has hesitation when whacked open which is not very noticeable but there and specially when setting off . Throttle Body Sync Question ??? Made my own "manometer" turned out real well considering I can't afford a real one ( I used syn 2 stroke oil) . Remove the 2 caps on vacuum ports (#4) and connect the 2 vacuum gauges (or mercury columns). 39 results for "throttle body sync tool" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime.

Easily and accurately sync 4-stroke outboards, snowmobiles, microlight aircraft and sports cars. I would think if they went out of sync you would experience hard starting, rough running and power lost. Here are the basic steps I used to do a TB sync at home. Let me save you a phone call.

Locate the throttle body under the hood in the engine compartment. I say this, because you're only tweaked the idle air bleed screws. Enjoy modern state of the art electronics and software that make the Digi Sync the absolute leader in digital manometer technology. 2006 RT with 18K miles.

I need/want a carb sync tool. Includes billet aluminum timing cover kit 120-00099 (which includes gaskets and attaching bolts), billet steel 24x crankshaft reluctor, crankshaft position sensor, and 1x cam sync distributor. When I tested my bike for sync at 4200 rpm, I found that only one of the throttle bodies was not in sync and I decided that my conclusion was correct. so all above warrants I need to do it.

I was able to adjust the TPS by just loosening it and adjusting it (thankfully). March 2016 digital carb sync new harmonizer 2 port vacuum tool carb throttle body carburetor synchronization diy arduino carb synchroinzer adventure rider vacuummate Throttle body (TB) synch is an easy DIY task. Vacuum Multi-Tool intended to aid power-sports engine tuning and Motion Pro Rev2™ Variable Rate Throttle Tune Throttle Rate to Riding Conditions and Rider Preference The Rev2™ throttle has several different size reels that will change how much twist is necessary for the throttle to completely open the carbs or throttle bodies on a motorcycle. I had to put the mercury into.

that fixed the T's and routed perment vacum line out for easier access in the futture to be plug off By hooking each side of the manometer to each of the carbs we have a very sensitive tool for synchronization. Don't pay those big hourly garage labour rates when you can do it yourself easily and quickly. Throttle Body Sync. In this article, I'll go over the steps involved with replacing the throttle body on BMW E90 models.

When a throttle body is not functioning correctly, some noticeable characteristics may be poor or very low idle. I don't know how another poster got bubbles---you don't want to rev too much and suck the fluid out. Street and Performance Electronics, the first company to develop the throttle body spacer has achieved a design breakthrough and developed a new generation design that is This is due to the Passlock sync info, between all of the components that make up the system, being lost. this weekend any help,advice,insider tips,short cuts,do's & don'ts all will be greatly appreciated.

The dealer will get them 'close enough', my preference is to get them synced in perfect balance with my harmonizer. 00. The instructions were clear and as long as you followed them, it worked great. • Sync throttle body #2 to throttle body #3 at idle by adjusting the #2 air screw.

If I remember correctly I believe it was Andy G. Start the Pinz and lock it running just above idle with the throttle lock. Re: Throttle body sync help. Im doing my interval servicing= oil, filter, plugs, coolant & brakes.

Google "homemade throttle body sync" and you should come up with plenty of reading material. 6M, 1. Just SERVICE YOUR MOTORCYCLE: Use the ABN Motorcycle Carb Synchronizer Tool Carb Air Flow Meter Throttle Sync Carburetor Tuner Kit to measure and adjust the valves of up to 4 carburetors at the same time to keep your bike running smoothly; Synchronizing your carburetors ensures that each carb is operating correctly and in time with their counterparts to draw in the same amount of air and fuel; This No periodic adjustments are necessary. (Readings shown by synchronization tool must increase and decrease together).

Graph of Linear versus Non Linear TPS output showing the difference. Otherwise, no difference. You can hear a buzzing sound coming from the engine compartment even after you remove the key from the ignition switch. + Items in search results.

You may have to remove the throttle housing to access other components such as the crankcase breather valve and crankcase breather hoses. Don told me to expect about 30mm of mercury per throttle intake which works out to be about . The owners manual calls for an "engine vacuum synchronization inspection" (aka throttle body sync) every oil change after break-in. Save on OTC Ford Camshaft Sensor Sync Tool OTC6470 at Advance Auto Parts.

Arduino Throttle Body Syncronization Shield: A common Motorcycle maintenance task is to synchronize the throttle bodies on the engine to smooth out any rough idle. I've used manometers and the electronic tools for throttle body sync. Carbtune Pro motorcycle carburetor synchronizer will easily and accurately sync the throttles on motorbikes, 4-stroke outboards and snowmobiles. sync'd properly and get that motor firing just right! Can I sync my throttle bodies with a regular vacuum gauge? This is a discussion on Can I sync my throttle bodies with a regular vacuum gauge? within the General Ninja 650R forums, part of the Kawasaki Ninja 650R category; I'm about to do a bunch on maintenance and I want to sync my throttle bodies.

I used the Motion Pro carb synch on my throttle bodies in my 2007 Yamaha FZ6. If the instructions are not fully 2V Non Linear TPS Baseline Adjustment - Written 06/08. 05 R1100S throttle body sync question I was trying to do it with just the left side and idle mixture screws to get the idle speed and balance. With this "lower" calibration scale is is easier to read the variations in air flow between carburettors and fuel injection throttle bodies at idle RPMs only.

or was that the kawi special tool tachometer that you are supposed to use? Either one is cost prohibative. The computer could do it if the TB valves were individually motor controlled or some such. This applies to all multi-cylinder bikes, specifically the Yamaha FJR 1300 ES and all years are the same procedure. But I've seen that carb/TB sync tools run from $500 to $100.

It bears mentioning that throttle body synchronization shares much in common with doing a compression test. Morgan Carbtune 4 column throttle body sync tool My new carb sync Doing a throttle body sync is a walk in the park once you've done it a couple times. Here are the basic steps I used to do a TB sync at home using a TwinMax Electronic Carburettor Balancer. My idle jumps around and it'll push the balance one way or the other.

Save throttle sync to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. What carb sync tools do the wise wrenches recommend? I'm not averse to a DIY solution, but I'd also welcome a ready-made tool, too. If necessary, correct by turning the adjusting screws of the throttle-valve cables at the throttle body. Great for syncing the throttle bodies.

Throttle Body Sync Sign in to follow this . There are threads on this site about how you can use a pilot-screw-adjusting tool to adjust the throttle bodies without propping up the tank, or without having to move the tank very much. The following is a quick tutorial on how to complete a Throttle Body Sync on an R1200 series motorcycle. Synchronization is the matching of intake pressure (in this case vacuum) between the intake tracts.

For me, I spend a lot of time around 4200 rpm which is about 65-70 mph and also a speed where many complain of excessive vibration. Anyway i have never synchronised my throttle bodies before, does anyone have pics or info on what to unplug & where the adjuster screws are?. Now if I was a pro using this tool everyday, the high dollar would soon pay for itself. But are you really tied to the dealer and/or that still unavailable tool to just to do a throttle-body sync on a 2014? Here's an update on the throttle body sync.

Prior to adjusting the TB's I used the calibrate steppers function that helps smooth out idle. Is there an easier way? Ok, I have a new MotionPro sync tool, the one with Mercury in it. It idled and sounded nice. Throttle Body Syncing.

I have a two-line version to sync the carbs on my wife's shadow and a four-line one to do the throttle bodies on the FJR. Plus the tupperware would have to come off and on again. But, I have to echo Gasman49's post, as she is running very, very smooth now. I'm due for the first throttle sync and figure the price of the tool would be about what the dealer charges for job.

This is a discussion on How-to: Sync your throttle bodies or carburetors within the R6 How-To Guides forums, part of the Yamaha R6 category; Posted by ochlocracy on R6Messagenet If you are experiencing any kind of vibration what so ever in your clip-ons, foot Save on OTC Ford Camshaft Sensor Sync Tool OTC6471 at Advance Auto Parts. On the ZX6R, each cylinder has its’ own throttle body, so the four must be ‘synchronized’ with each other to have closest to the same amount of vaccuum as possible. There are a lot of different throttle bodies available for these bikes so if you are sourcing a used one, you need to make sure you get the correct one. "What are the symptoms of throttle bodies being out of synch?" Increased vibration - TBS balances the power output of the cylinders (vacuum level is an indication of power output - less vacuum means that throttle plate is open further, and the cylinder is working harder relative to the other cylinder).

If all other components of the fuel system are working properly and there is still a problem with Carburetor/Throttle Body Sync Tool. I like the Morgan Carbtune, and saw several how-to's where folks made their own out of miles of clear tubing, filled with oil, alcohol, mercury, uranium-235, etc, all attached to a large unwieldy board. George > -- > You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "GS-911 Field Diagnostic Tool for BMW motorcycles" group. I thought that a guide for the tool would help and did it out of 5mm plastic tube, trick is to push the tube over the center screw so that it sits there.

Combining My Passion For Engines, Engineering, Electronics and Motorcycles. While this sounds r Had problems with the motion pro sync tool, and i don't like the idea of handling mercury. This is the case for our bluetooth throttle body sync tool. Very pleased to report the tool works great for connecting a laptop to the bike.

Eligible for Free Shipping. Throttle bodies are what controls the air going into the engine, its what opens when you twist the throttle. A: throttle body synchronization (commonly referred to as a 'TB Sync') is the process by which you equalize the amount of vacuum the cylinders pull at zero throttle. Time to Get Rid of the Banging Clutch Again Recently, I noticed that the engine was running a bit rough and lumpy.

*If your bell mouths are larger than 55mm, you will need to use the Sync Tool Adapter 880-103 ( suits 59mm to 68mm bell mouths ). There are air bypass screws in each throttle body, but GOOD LUCK getting to them! Even if you could, any attempt at adjustment, even 1/16 turn, will change the vacuum flow pattern to the MAP sensor and usually causes an unstable idle. Carburetor or throttle body synchronization should be done in accordance with the factory shop manual for your vehicle. Hey guys.

Now the balance screw is out of kilta, the throttles will need balancing. The vacuum gauge is about a grand. I have seached and found a thread about synchronizing, but they did not mention if they used the BMW tools or if they found a different way to do it. - Repeatedly open the throttle gradually and increase engine speed from idle to approximately 2,500 rpm to check throttle-valve synchronization.

Save throttle body sync tool to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. By quicksilver, April 21, 2015 in FJ-09 Known issues and solutions. After a long talk with Ivan about my woes, he provided me with a method to "start over" which paid off in dividends and for this, I am thankful. Unless I am reading the manual wrong it calls for an inspection, not an actual sync.

Kit Selection Chart: Choose 'A' Kit for: TwinMax is an easy to use Carburetor Synchronizer that provides professional level accuracy every time I Direct sale by the Manufacturer Second, you balance the throttle bodies with TuneECU; the three throttle body readings appear under the "tests" tab. The SF-based Guzzi shop wants 1. Throttle body sync help I checked the BMW TIS and it is showing a tool that is a fixture with 2 dial indicators. In addition to not getting a good idle (about 200 rpm play ).

I'll try to find something to drill and make some restictors with or maybe try to find some carb jets to jam in there. How-to: Sync your throttle bodies or carburetors. Guaranteed by Fri 1-48 of 114 results for New: "throttle body sync tool" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. I did the TPS and throttle body sync today.

Summary: How to set up 2V throttle bodies with the Non Linear TPS. But this has to be stored upright, and there is a risk of sucking The sync tool also cost big bucks. The SK also has extended calibration at 1 to 3 kg/h also making it useful to check secondary throttle adjustment at idle. Please follow your service manual for this procedure and don't sync to idle then 4,000 rpm's like most Schnitz Racing has all the motorcycle performance parts you need to Stay in FRONT! Engine parts, swingarms, nitrous, turbo kits, chain, sprockets, air shifters, exhaust kits and much more.

Doing these two things took care of the vibrations I was having and seemed to smooth out the throttle (not so much of a on-off feeling). Sync. . This can include stalling when coming to a stop or very low idle after starting, or even stalling if the throttle is quickly pressed — resulting in the throttle body plate opening and closing very quickly.

Brand New. 2' of Dakar style Tygon hose for running new throttle body synchronizing hoses (See option below to add and save $10 on a Motion Pro 'Sync Pro' throttle body balancing tool) 2 thumb screw vacuum line caps; 4- 8mm spring clips for synchronizing hoses; 1- Nylon hose guides. So with that said lets get started. Built from high quality components, the easy 4 gauge setup makes for a fast & easy tuning job on twins, four cylinders, and even triples!.

if you don't have a tool the result may depend a lot on luck. All throttle linkages interact with one another making it impossible to get perfect synchronization unless you can see all channels at one time. Stromtrooper Forum : Suzuki V-Strom Motorcycle Forums > V-Strom Forums > Maintenance, Tech and Products. I'm getting geared up to attempt the big engine swap in my '92 K100RS, a.

This procedure cycles the motorized throttle body through various states (idle, part throttle, WOT) to relearn their positions. 5M and 5. At every 4,000 mile service after that the idle speed and throttle body syncronization should be checked, and adjusted if necessary. 5 hours [~$150] to perform this, and my better/more reasonable local shop is backed up and seems leery of working on anything Italian.

PDF link also contains A GREAT TB Sync Procedure, with photos (just scroll down past the valve adjustment section) at following link: I've already got all that stuff downloaded, I'm on both TLP and TLZ, I'd just like some help for the heck of it. The previous owner told me he balanced the throttle bodies, however, in the interest of learning ow to do this myself I purchased a Carbtune tool to help with this maintenance step. This keeps the crank turning smoothly and results in an engine that idles well, runs Throttle Body Sync - Jumping vacuum gauges? (4 cylinder sync tool), the hoses are approx 3' long and the restrictor is approx 4" from the TB's when set up. Because they are both a result of or a test of the engine’s pumping efficiency, they can both be affected by other factors.

What's that? (or fuel-injection throttle bodies), all There are two easy ways to synchronize dual carburetors, and the method is the same, but the tools used is different. Once you have the extensions on, it is an easy 5 minute job to check the syncronization and adjust it. 3) Replace the VACUUM tubes you just unplugged with the tubes from the sync tool, 1 per throttle body. $90.

Get those carbs. Good manometers cost about $50. Save money and service your own vehicles. The banging clutch has also returned.

Does the Tuneboy show you if your throttle bodies are in sync or not? I know you adjust it mechanically but I was wondering if the Tuneboy Diagnostic program provides this feature. Linear Throttle Position Sensor setting notes for all models - Written 08/08. Kuwa Seiko Throttle Body Carb Sync Tool Photo #10054 last updated 4 years ago. a.

In addition to having the proper tool on hand to deal with FI (Fault Indicator) Codes, should they pop up. Discussion of idle mixture setting for various ECU: P7 and P8, 1. Which scan tool to buy How-to: Carb Synching. I will try to add that at a later date.

The initial 600 mile service for the Yamaha FJR1300 calls for an EFI (electronic fuel injection) "throttle body synchronization". This is the idle adjustment screw, it can actually be turned with your fingers. FJR1300 Throttle Body Synchronization The initial 600 mile service for the FJR1300 calls for an EFI (electronic fuel injection) "throttle body synchronization". Once I realized that I had to download the Beta release software from the GS-911 website to find the instructions on parking the stepper motors, everything went very smoothly.

Sync throttle bodies #1 & #2 to throttle bodies #3 & #4 at 4200 rpm by adjusting the butterfly sync screw between throttle bodies #2 and #3. GMC Yukon XL Denali 2002, Throttle Body Spacer by Taylor Cable®. You'll be willing to spend more time than the dealer tech will to make sure that you get it right. THe popular electronic tool run about 100.

Only difference I noticed was a slight decrease in idle rpm. I've just done my 12k service, and did a throttle body sync for the first time on a non carby bike. I can loop you into our emails if you're interested and I recently used a CarbMate to sync my throttle body because the idle speed would vary about 80-100rpms, but often up to 140rpms. Just need some help with a throttle body sync queery that's doing my head in.

#1 was off more than the others, though none of them were THAT far off the mark. Sitting on the bike I thought we were supposed to adjust the RIGHT throttle body. ADJUST THE IDLE TO 1350 RPM! There is a large adjusting screw on the left side of the throttle body adjusting plate. Yes, it's a bit slower and more fiddly than using a 4-banger tool.

Oilhead throttle bodies tend to wear out (the right is more common). I use a Twin Max to do the job. All back together no problems, now with my homemade throttle sync tool set the idle speed no problems, I did how ever adjusted the cable on the LHS but just a little, I was happy with myself as I set the adjustment at 2500 and 4000rpm. I could not get my angle driver to the center screw so that I could get it adjusted.

It was aimed at carbs but can be used for throttle sync. Consider all the things that could go wrong and end up with me dead on the floor. You just remove the L shaped covers, attach the sync tool, and then use long needlenose to adjust the vertical screw. B.

This application works with our Bluetooth powered Throttle Body Sync (TBS) Tool. rshaug. Carburetor & Throttle Body Synchronizing Kit - 4-Gauge Set. 9M.

Sync throttle body #2 to throttle body #3 at idle by adjusting the #2 air screw. Airbox Parts/Intake Snorkels, etc. A 1/20th of an inch of mercury difference would show up as about 13/16ths of an inch of oil on the oil manometer allowing for even finer adjustment than possible with mercury. First you balanced the carbs at idle, using the throttle stop screws, then at off idle with the cable adjusters.

This procedure details how to perform a Throttle Body Alignment (TBA) on many VW/Audi vehicles. SOLDTemp Out of Stock New Harmonizer 2 Port Vacuum Tool, Carb & Throttle Body Synchronizer. 4 BBL THROTTLE BODY FUEL INJECTION KIT 550-405 950 CFM Polished Aluminum Throttle Body 550-406 950 CFM Hard Core Gray™ Throttle Body FUEL INJECTION INSTALLATION MANUAL Read this manual before using this product. went exactly as described, and took me a shade over 1/2 hour, start to finish (well, after a 40 minute round trip to get the carbsync diagnostic tool from the parts store).

Far as I know you have to hook up gauges or a manometer to the throttle bodies. I managed to get that down to 20-40 on average with the occasional 50rpm jump when reading from my laptop connected to the PCIII. Obviously, YMMV. This is done by monitoring the vacuum on each throttle body and using the idle screw to make the adjustment.

Not only that, but you or I can do a better job than the dealer would. >>sync throttle bodies by adjusting the air bleed screw on the cylinder with the lowest pressure to equalize both cylinder pressures. Contribute to synfinatic/carbsync development by creating an account on GitHub. Well before the police showed up this time I was able to get the throttle bodies sync'd, turns out my front throttle body boot clamp was loose I tightened it up, checked the rear one which was tight but snugged it up half turn anyway and applied locktite to both.

Can I use something like below ? Fuel/Air Systems Motronic Control Units (K100/1100 4V, K12) K75/100 2V L-Jetronic Fuel Injection Control Units Mass Air Flow Sensors (K75/100 2V) Fuel Injectors/Fuel Rails/Pressure Regulators Throttle Bodies/Throttle Actuators/Cruise Control Units Fuel Pumps/ Sending Units/ Filler Necks/ Gas Caps, etc. When I hooked up the manometer I followed the manual to a "T" , put the bike back together and fired her up , instantly an FI code and the idle was eratic . Easy to use. I prefer the electronic tools and after you break your first manometer and get mercury everywhere you'll like it too.

This Kit Suits the Nissan S13 SR20DE cylinder head. 5kPA. I need a sync tool for an inline 4 sometime in the next week. > Throttle Body Sync on pre '07 Wees (2005) Reply.

Ken Sexton (of Roadstar fame) has put together a document detailing a valve adjustment and throttle body sync of the 'liners. Note: This Valve Adj. FYI There are 2 hoses on each throttle body, the vacuum tube is the LOWER hose. The bike.

To me this sounds more like a throttle body sync on an old bmw. Summary: a discussion of the linear TPS output, official and non official set up procedures, specific issues for Euro 999S/999 ‘05 and USA 749 models, 2V models with idle control valves and fitting Ducati Performance ECU. Because throttle-body cleaners are volatile, we do not recommend doing this job indoors. Rode out to Sunnyside today to perform a throttle body sync on my own FJR, and also to perform one on another Sunnyside customer's FJR that was in for his 600-mile service.

Use the idle adjust screw to make sure your idle speed is 1000 rpm throughout this adjustment. DIY throttle body sync? If someone is to do this throttle body modification, can you DIY a harmonizer tool with 2 vacuum gauges? Once it is started, change your grip and push the tubing up flush with the throttle body. I don't mess with the mapping at all leaving that to the dealer or mechanic. Some where along the line I was told, or thought I was told not to touch the right side cable adjuster.

k. I'm learning how to wrench on my 1990 R100 GS. I have a carb tune sync tool that I use in all my carbureted bikes. On the plus side, a homebuilt oil based manometer is easy to read and permits very accurate sync between two cylinders.

Test ride for 5 minutes and all good. Once you change the idle the TB levels will go crazylet them stabilize and do the sync once again. Once you hook the tool up and sync it the rest is chimp easy. 05'Busa stock engine with a K&N filter and a Yosh full 4 into 1 RS3 system.

Re: Throttle body sync problems! Ok thanks for the replies guys. As the throttle is advanced, the spark timing advances toward TDC and then to before TDC. I understand that you'll be able to do a lot more things with that "tool". I've been corresponding with Don Eilenberger who's a big time BMW rider/mechanic Don wrote the Sync DIY that you can read here.

Is there an easier way? How to Perform a Valve Adjustment & Throttle Body Sync. Throttle Body Sync DIY I recently had some issues getting my TB sync done and done correctly. The manual was a bit vague in respect to this process. Now I just do it by ear.

Planing on T. It is the amount of retardation that determines your idle speed and is set later with the idle stop screw. It looks like it does but I want to make sure I don't need a Morgan Carbtune or some other tool like it. The following is a quick tutorial on how to complete a Throttle Body Sync on a R1200 series motorcycle, up to the Wethead in 2013.

An idle stop screw is set at the factory and then covered to discourage tampering. >>sync using the butterfly adjustment screw between the two throttle bodies do that first with the air bleeds wound fully in, checked at varying rpm. The tool is easy to use and worked like it was supposed to. I think that was the scariest thing I've done in a while.

Throttle body synch. WARNING! Just bought my 07 Vstar 1300 and am approaching the first valve adjutment interval. Has anyone done a valve adjustment on this bike? EFI 24x Crank and Cam Signal Kit w/ CKP Sensor for 1992-1995 LT1/LT4 Engines w/ Single Row Timing Set Most car makers allow you to perform a throttle body relearn procedure with a scan tool or manually. This doesn't happen What kind of bike do you have? Mine's a 2003 R1150R BMW.

When i cleaned it, I moved the throttle open with my finger( which I figured out is not something you don't wanna do on a drive by wire system. The procedure itself is simple enough; the following observations cover the observed effects of the sync job on my particular engine. tools. Looking to get some of that throttle response back? Well this quad carburetor and throttle body sync kit will allow you to tune your bike for optimum performance.

Carbtune Pro also works with fuel injection throttle bodies. tool finally found 2 vacum gauges that seem to be accurate with one another. What you need is a good sync, a carb sync that is. The ear method isn't perfect by NOTE: This Throttle Body Sync Tool is designed to be used with ram tubes (velocity stacks) with bell mounts ranging from 40mm to 55mm.

Throttle body sync tool. Build your own throttle sync tool for 4 bucks. Start your engine and warm it up to its normal operating temperature. The same as a carburetor bike.

When the throttle is in the idle position the carbs should be fully closed and the ignition retarded. Is this something you get the dealer to do as i dont have the sync tool?. All four throttle plates are firmly attached to a single shaft -- no possible adjustment there. This EFI 24x™ kit is intended to be used with SBC engines that do not require a cam button.

only found a reference using tune ECU to check them. This guide will cover from start to finish on how to sync your own throttle bodies including taking the covers off your bike. The following is a quick tutorial on how to complete a Throttle Body Sync on an R1200 series motorcycle, up to the Wethead in 2013. You may need to get vacuum tips for the ports to connect to and maybe a couple of restrictors.

Parts wear and they get out of sync with each other (if you have a multi cylinder bike with multiple throttles), so you have to adjust them. + ZW31500 Wynn's Throttle Body Nozzle Cleaning Tool See more like this. No PC. Hi guys, Intro: First post on here as well as my first project but I thought id share with you my project, I've completed which allows me to read vacuum or pressure of each throttle body on motorbike to allow me to synchronise them or intake manifold on a car to allow me to diagnose running problems or general health of the engine.

Timing Event One - throttle pickup. However, if throttle body is replaced AND a proper idle speed cannot be obtained, there is an adjustment which may be made. WARNING! This instruction manual must be read and fully understood before beginning installation. Essentially it's a differential manometer and looks to be very accurate for balancing vacuum.

Both of those bikes especially the later really benefited from a mechanical syncing the throttle bodies. The other thing is I can't get them to stay even either. throttle body sync tool

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